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RoboForm is perfectly suited to assist government agencies in navigating issues related to Password Management, Automated Form Filling, and System Security

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NIST Guide to Enterprise Password Management

According to Recommendations of the National Institute of Standards and Technology: "Effective password management reduces the risk of compromise of password-based authentication systems. Organizations need to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of passwords so that all authorized users—and no unauthorized users—can use passwords successfully as needed. Integrity and availability should be ensured by typical data security controls, such as using access control lists to prevent attackers from overwriting passwords and having secured backups of password files. Ensuring the confidentiality of passwords is considerably more challenging and involves a number of security controls along with decisions involving the characteristics of the passwords themselves. For example, requiring that passwords be long and complex makes it less likely that attackers will guess or crack them, but it also makes the passwords harder for users to remember, and thus more likely to be stored insecurely. This increases the likelihood that users will store their passwords insecurely and expose them to attackers."

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With our expertise over 25+ years in the password management arena, and our extensive experience working with government agencies, including Defense, FAA, NIH, and more, Siber Enterprise Group is perfectly suited to assit goverment agencies, both large and small in navigating the Password Management Paradox.

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