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RoboForm remembers all of your passwords, so you don't have to!

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Password Manager

Our top rated password manager makes your life easier and more secure.

What is a password manager?

A password manager is software that helps you organize your logins and passwords, making your internet and/or desktop experience both easier and more secure. With a password manager, you'll never need to remember or type your logins again.

Image of password management windows.

What makes RoboForm the best password manager?

  • Experience: We are the original lightweight password manager and have been perfecting the art of password management since 1999.
  • Features: With additional easy to use and tremendously handy features like form filling, SafeNotes and automatic (and customizable) Password Generation, RoboForm's versatility is second-to-none.
  • Everywhere: RoboForm works on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Windows Phone.
  • Options: Choose between our Free, Everywhere and Desktop licenses.
  • Support: RoboForm is the only password manager in its class with an A+ Accredited Business rating in addition to live phone support, along with 24/7 email support.
  • Security: You can rest easy knowing that RoboForm works all day, every day to keep you safe online. Learn more here.
  • Reputation: Expert reviews include the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, ZDNet, Bloomberg, Financial Times, NBC TV, ABC News and more.

Why do I need a password manager?

You should be using different secure passwords for all the websites you log into, or at least every website in which you store personal information. The challenge in doing this is that most people cannot remember more than three or four unique strong passwords.

The biggest risk in using the same password across multiple sites is that if one of them gets hacked, your other logins will be compromised as well. In the last year alone, there have been several high-profile data breaches which have resulted in millions of user accounts being exposed.

Using an established password manager like RoboForm allows you to generate unique and secure passwords for each of your logins, then save them so you don’t need to remember or type them again. Not only will you be keeping yourself safer online, but you’ll be taking the hassle out of logging into multiple sites. All you need to remember is your one Master Password!

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How does RoboForm protect my master password?

Your Master Password is the one password you'll need to create and remember as it encrypts and secures all your RoboForm information.

So how do we protect it? We never know it in the first place! Your Master Password is never stored on our servers and only you know it, so there is no way for it to be hacked or stolen by anyone else. Be sure that you don’t forget it!

Form Filler

RoboForm’s form filling feature automates manual data entry, saving you time and money!

What is a form filler?

Form filling technology allows you to automatically fill in those long, tedious web forms as an automated process or with the simple click of a button. This has been used by our customers for automated population of HR forms, resume submissions, insurance forms, hospital records, medical forms and much more...

Image of form filling.

Use your existing data

We will work with you to link your form filling into your existing data, so there is no duplicated effort of data entry.

Use your existing data

Validation, Logging, Notifications, Confirmation, etc

When your form filler has completed it's task, we can validate the data submission reults, write the results to a file, event log, or database, notify users, and more. Any process that your data needs to complete, we will help you configure.

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