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Solving The Password Management Paradox

Employees, IT decision makers and IT security personnel across the enterprise are faced with a difficult problem: Too many passwords.

Employees are expected to remember multiple passwords with increasingly stronger password policies that often must be changed on a recurring basis. With this tremendous rise in password inflation, employees simply cannot keep track of these passwords and will compromise corporate security by taking unsecure shortcuts (like writing them down or storing them in unprotected files) to remember them. Users also regularly contact the help desk for password re-sets or retrievals, which runs up IT costs significantly.

RoboForm is the Solution

Using RoboForm Enterprise by Siber Enterprise Group, you can solve your password problems by empowering your employees to access all of their protected applications using a single, secure password, truly achieving the promise of Single Sign-On (SSO) without the cost and complexity.

Most companies experience a positive ROI in less than three months just from help desk savings alone!

RoboForm Enterprise Customers

In the private sector or government, whether you are looking for Enterprise-Level Password Management, Everywhere capabilities to keep you in sync with the cloud, full featured RoboForm Everywhere for Business capabilities, open access Software Development Toolkit, or custom Technology Consulting and Development, Siber Systems is here to serve all your needs.

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