RoboForm Software Development Kit (SDK)

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The RoboForm SDK is the foundation of the client-side agent technology that allows you to automate web browsing and form submission. Using it you can easily program applications that, for example:

  • Buy a concert ticket or an airline ticket with minimal or no interference by operator.
  • Feed Database A to Database B thru online user interface of Database B.
  • Login to PayPal account and perform a payment automatically (see sample code in the SDK).
  • Login to HotMail account and delete all messages that contain certain words.
  • That is, whatever repetitive sequences you do online, RoboForm SDK can automate them for you.

    RoboForm API is presented in COM, so any program in C++ , C#, Visual Basic or Java can use RoboForm SDK.

    SDK Package and Licensing

    RoboForm SDK Package contains:

  • File RoboForm.tlb and RoboForm.idl that you would need to interface to RoboForm SDK.
  • RoboForm SDK User Manual in MS Word.
  • Sample Code in C# and Visual Basic that:
    •         - Login to PayPal account and perform a payment automatically
    •         - Login to HotMail account and delete all messages in the account
    •         - Replaces one string with another is a set of passcards
  • Note: that these sample applications do not use any data from your RoboForm passcards and identities and that if you run them, they will request UserID and Password for accounts in question separately.

    To run RoboForm SDK, you would need:

  • RoboForm ver 7.9 or later
  • RoboForm Enterprise license
  • RoboForm SDK package that you can request below

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