Cost of Ownership (ROI)

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Deploying RoboForm Enterprise allows organizations to realize a significant return on investment within only a few months. See below for an example of practically immediate cost savings.

ROI Calculation

Number of employees 1,000
Helpdesk calls per user per month 1.75 Industry avg., META Group
Duration of Help Desk calls 12 Minutes
Hourly cost of Help Desk staff $50.00
Hourly cost of company staff $75.00
% Help Desk calls re: passwords 40% *
% employees using RoboForm Ent. 70%
Return on Investment 2.26 Months
Total cost savings in year one $127,050.00
Total cost savings in first 3 years $417,060.00
* 40-70% reported by Authentication World (SSO Business Case)

In many cases, the costs associated with a deployment of RoboForm Enterprise can be simply recovered by hard dollar help desk savings. It should be noted that RoboForm Enterprise has several other benefits that are not measured in this equation such as increased password security for your employees, increased employee productivity, and increased employee morale.

It's hard for employees to remember complicated passwords, many different passwords, frequently changing passwords and/or seldom used passwords. To compensate employees typically write down their passwords or store the password in insecure files on their computer, use simple and easy to remember passwords that can be easily compromised, or recycle and reuse combinations on the same passwords. This leaves your company vulnerable.

With RoboForm Enterprise you increase your password security, reduce your password vulnerabilities, and get an immediate return on your small investment.


Cost Savings Benefits

The following are just some of the cost-savings benefits your enterprise can recognize with RoboForm Enterprise.


Helpdesk Cost Savings

  • Frees up first tier support staff from the mundane task of resetting passwords allowing them to focus on more difficult requests.
  • Reduces the need for helpdesk personnel to man a help desk or be on call 24 hours a day.
  • Cost_organizational

    Organizational Cost Savings

  • A simple, secure, and effective Single Sign-On solution has been shown to divert over 30% of trouble tickets from help desks, network administrators and office managers, resulting in a significant cost savings.
  • Helping to provide 24x7 access to password-protected accounts directly results in greater employee productivity which improves the bottom-line.
  • Reduction in employee distraction and frustration caused by forgotten passwords allows them to focus on their job.
  • Cost_employee

    Employee Cost Savings

  • Employee's self-management of their own passwords relieves them from waiting for assistance.
  • Improves employee productivity by providing 24x7 access to vital applications.
  • Helps employees remember one password by guaranteeing the same password is used. This eliminates problems before they escalate.
  • Reduces employee frustration by reducing interaction with varied personalities, while providing a friendly automated interface to the employee's self-service needs.

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